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What Are The Benefits Of The Woman Face With Steam?

If your skin is very dry, the blood circulation is not good, you need to add steam to face water, but don't have time to go to the beauty salon and enjoy professional spray do? In fact, at home you can.

Steaming the face to nourish the skin function is significant. This is because steaming face in the process of steam can raise the temperature of the skin, which greatly accelerates the blood circulation in the skin, will greatly enhance the metabolism. And steam heat, the pores of the skin smoother, absorbing a large number of water molecules in the steam, while remove dirt, waste discharge through the pores. In addition, because the steam function, skin cuticles softened, dead cells can be timely replacement, has played a positive role in anti-aging. Thus, steaming the face is conducive to the Elimination of body wastes, pimple, black head of great beauty.

Meanwhile, steam the face can also help your makeup, relaxing hair bore, moisturizing cream base can also be used to prevent skin from drying out!

Using steam steam face face should be washed before the face, dry or normal skin can in a facial of putting nutrition first toner or olive oil. Oily skin people, steam time steam 5-10 minutes at a time; for people with dry skin, every 10-15 minutes; normal skin in-between.