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Phototherapy Mask

Every woman is eager to have a delicate Firming smooth face, for the beauty, lady can be Exhaust all efforts. The use of mask and coated with basic skin care products how to easily meet their needs? So a variety of beauty technology has been used again by the lady. But there are so much the kinds of beauty equipment on the market, which is the most suitable? So, we specially introduce this photon mask, now shared to everyone. for reference


Photon Mask

The main effect: to improve the skin texture, promote blood circulation, anti-acne


Technical principle: photon mask has one hundred ninety-four high-quality very narrow spectrum led chip, compared to the other only 36 lamp beads led mask, to 5-6 times higher. It is mainly red, blue, purple ,green,yellow , light blue, laser light seven kinds of light, on behalf of different functions.

led mask.jpg

             led mask1.jpg

7 colors led mask (28).JPG

led mask (35).JPG

led mask (36).JPG

led mask (37).JPG

led mask (39).JPG

led mask (40).JPG