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How To Do After Summer Tan-10 Trick Fast White Back Ways

How to do after summer tan-10 trick fast white back ways

How to do after summer sunburn? Summer scorching sun, hot weather, strong ultraviolet light.  If you do not pay attention to sunscreen, it is easy to be tanned.  We should pay attention to summer whitening method if you do not want to become "black". Then how to do the summer tanning? The following small series to teach you ten whitewash coup.

1, Do not use hot water wash your face after sunburn

After the sun to avoid the use of hot water to wash the face, because the skin is more fragile after sun, wash your face with hot water will make the skin's telangiectasia, congestion, skin erythema or sunburn. In order to avoid such a situation, wash your face to wait for the skin at room temperature, with cold water to clean the facial skin. To the skin to eliminate the effect of calming red, but also to prevent the precipitation of melanin.

2, Add vitamins

Vitamin A, C, E, etc., not only can regulate the performance of the human body and improve immunity, but also improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation.  So eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, orange, cabbage, can be timely for the skin to add vitality.

3, Drink plenty of water

In fact, the most simple way is to drink plenty of water, many people may think that drinking water on the whitening is not much effect. But to pay attention to the addition of water supplements, moderate to add water to the cells can be the body of the old waste together. Usually ultraviolet radiation will make the bottom of the skin Melanin melanin hyperplasia, through the amount of water to promote metabolism to make it faster to remove, this method than the skin care from the skin to add water to the real.

4, Use moisturizing spray

After the sun a lot of skin moisture loss, always keep the skin full of water is the primary condition of body whitening. This time the best use of moisturizing spray, molecular weight, can be directly through the skin into the skin, often sprayed on the face. The use of whitening make-up water to attain the face can effectively save the sun after the skin.  Some skin care tools and beauty tool could be help you.  Such as below cute W004A Midom Beauty nano mist facial sprayer is very suitable for after sunburn and could be used anytime and anywhere.

Nano Mist Facial Sprayer.jpg

5, Facial mask replenishment

The sun will be in the sun after the skin will be in a state of water, this time to strengthen the replenishment is very important, you can use moisturizing mask to attain your face, can reduce the skin surface temperature, calm and soothe the skin, keep the skin moist, , Make the skin become white and smooth.  When using facial mask, you could use Midom Beauty L110B Led Mask to help it absorb more and faster.

L110B  LED MASK.png

6, Aging horny to regularly clean up

Many people have a similar feeling after tanning, like the skin surface grows the second layer of skin, dry and dull, this is because the sun caused melanin and the old horny fusion, in order to quickly whitening, first of all Remove these old horny. After sun skin is very fragile, even gently exfoliating will make the skin "worse." You can let the skin relax and calm, a week later to consider exfoliating care.  Midom Beauty G320 Blackhead remover could help you to remove horn and blackhead much better.


7, Ensure enough sleep

If you want to quick recovery after sunburn, as much as possible before 11 o'clock in the evening to sleep. Have adequate sleep is the best protection of the skin, adequate sleep to ease the pressure of life, daily listening to music is also a good helper whitening, less smoking less alcohol, less irritating drink contact, can keep the skin soft and shiny.

8, Repair to "avoid mouth"

Eat sweets, meat and other acidic foods, so as not to affect the metabolism of vitamin B group, and cause acne, blackheads. In addition, with a lot of drinking water, eat more fruits and vegetables. Especially cooked tomatoes, which contains a lot of lycopene, can help repair the sun after the skin, do a good job of whitening and anti-oxidation work.

9, Sunscreen continue

After Skin exposure, the best not to make-up to prevent the increase in pigment deposition, and second to avoid remover during the skin suffered more serious injury. Go out to use straw hat, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc., can also use some sunscreen. Skin is more sensitive to the sun, after a long absence in the sun after the symptoms, can take aspirin 1 g, after every 4 hours serving 0.5 grams, a total of 2 days, and a lot of water, to avoid skin redness and burning.

10, Some food is after sun repair experts

Such as strawberries, tomatoes, soybeans, sardines, etc.,  These foods have a strong antioxidant properties, and can add to the skin after sun repair the necessary substances, such as vitamin C, plant isoflavones, unsaturated fatty acids.

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