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Considerations For Facial Massage

1, on an empty stomach, sated, drunken, and after strenuous exercise

Cervical massage should be avoided, especially strong massage, because it will make the blood flow to accelerate further, gastric smooth muscle activity, formation of disgust, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and discomfort.

2, and surgical critically ill patients

For example, in patients with severe heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, acute gastric and duodenal ulcers, and in patients with malignant tumor in patients with acute abdomen.

3, pregnant women and children should not use cervical Massager

Pregnant woman at the sanyinjiao acupuncture points massage, will affect the normal development of the fetus; newborn massage cannot be made in front of the fontanel closing; during the growth and development of children and adolescents are at high, often not necessary or desirable to use Massager massage of the cervical spine.

4, physical stand subtle methods,

For example: jiubingtixu and the old and infirm.

5, patients have sores, tumor location

Since then to influence the surface causes the capillaries to expand, some added blood flow, leading to lesions spread and exacerbate conditions.

6, there are open wounds

For example, blood vessel and nerve anastomosis in patients.

7, rehabilitation of fracture and dislocation of the early

When the fracture or damage to the joints after using cervical massage, muscle tension under the effect of the bone reposition is difficult to recover, but not conducive to recovery condition.

8, there are severe infections

For example, such as osteomyelitis and bone tuberculosis, Pyogenic arthritis, Erysipelas.